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On January 30, 2017, the AADO was made aware that a bill, HB2378, was being introduced.  This bill would eliminate all licensed opticians and the Arizona State Board of Dispensing Opticians.  If this bill moved forward, it would also eliminate the AADO, all educational speakers and all related businesses who teach and prepare students to sit for the Arizona State Board Licensing Exam.

The AADO sent out an “URGENT MESSAGE” e-mail blast informing supporters and AADO members of HB2378 and where to read about it on the internet.  Those representatives attached to the bill received over 85 phone calls to vote NO!  Those registering against the bill were 33.  Those registering for the bill were 5.

February 7, 2017 AADO and many other supporters appeared before a packed house in the Commerce Committee’s hearing room.  Many supporters who were prepared to speak against HB2378 were not called on to speak.  The Committee Chairman announced that HB2378 was put on “Hold.”  This means that if HB2378 does not mover forward by February 17, 2017, then HB2378 is considered “Killed.”

AADO, our lobbyist and all supporters will continue to monitor the bill and keep us posted.

It was a truly heart-warming experience to see and talk to all those who attended this session, those who wrote letters, offered to speak and make many phone calls.  It was truly a group effort for what’s best for all three “O’s” patient care and safety.

We thank the AADO’s many supporters among which are:

The Arizona Optometric Association (AZOA)

The Arizona Ophthalmologist Society

The Arizona Association of Dispensing Opticians (ASBDO)

Coopervision Contact Lens Division


Lori Lustig, AADO Lobbyist

Don Isaacson

Annette Hanian, OD (AZOA)

Cheyenne Walsh

Stacey Meier, OD (AZOA)

All Other AADO Supporters


Gary Scheer, President AADO          Mary E. Teed, Executive Director AADO


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