SB 1010 signed by the governor on March 23, 2015 amends A.R.S. §32-1687 B to read:
The board shall prescribe by rule the form and content of continuing education for dispensing
opticians licensed under this chapter that is designed to educate the licensee in current
developments, skills and procedures. Opticians may satisfy this continuing education
requirement by home study courses or attending seminars and are not required to join a
professional association of dispensing opticians in this state in order to fulfill the requirement.
The rules shall establish the number of hours of continuing education required within a three year
period in an amount not to exceed twenty-one hours.
What this means for opticians is the Board will seek to change A.A.C. R4-20-120 to increase the
number of continuing education hours required from 12 hours every three years to 18 hours
every three years. To change the Rule, the Board will go through the rule change process by
opening a docket with the Governor’s Regulatory Review Counsel (GRRC). A list of proposed
rule changes will be published by the Secretary of State. Following a comment period a Final
Rule change will be published.
Opticians can expect this process to take approximately 7 months. Starting with the 2018
renewals 18 credits will likely be required to renew your optician license.

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